Monday, September 22, 2008

New Job in a familiar City

So after Pivotal Games announced that they were shutting down, it was time to find myself another job, a couple of guys from Bizarre Creations came in for me upon hearing that I might be available should Pivotal actually shut down.  I had met some of the guys from Bizarre a few times one of them I used to work with and a few of them I had met on a night in an English pub in Santa Monica.


Bizarre have been a mainly racing studio known for PGR3 and 4, but after The Club, Bizarre’s latest project, the company were looking to build on their 3rd Person knowledge with potentially more 3rd Person projects, so this opens the doors to more animators, and thats where I come in.

I had always wanted to move back to the north of England, but the opportunities weren’t really there.  For those of you that understand the NDA’s of the games industry I obviously can’t talk about the game/games I may or may not be working on and hopefully soon I will be allowed to spread the news of the project I’m working on, and for those of you that know me will totally understand why I’m working at Bizarre and trust me it’s more than just the location.

I really hope that this move works out and I’m going to put as much as I can into this project and company and this could be a fantastic move for me and my career, I just hope that this place is more stable than Pivotal.

I’ll keep you posted.

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