Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy 30th Doctors Nawaz and Bills

With Saima’s 30th birthday this close to christmas we weren’t sure how many of our friends would be available the weekend before christmas, but they all came through as Saima and Vic had arranged a fantastic cottage in the North of Wales for us all to celebrate.  A luxury cottage with a pool table 6 double bedrooms loads of space for extras and a bar, which I intended to make my own domain…

Misc 112 Everyone and me looking like a bouncer…

The place was amazing, on the Saturday day we all went our separate ways with us heading up to the castle in Ruthin, and Vic and her crew heading to the go-karts.  This gave me a chance to stretch my itchey trigger finger and attempt to take plenty of arty pics.

Misc 064

Misc 075The girls… 

Misc 107

Saima with one of her Cosmo’s

and to top it off we had hired a chef to come in on the Saturday night and cook for us, how very civilized, Saima decided everyone needed Cosmo’s, I started churning out the Mojito’s and very quickly a civilized night turned into Rock ‘N’ Cock that’s Rock Band and Cocktails, just incase you wondered?

Misc 115

Misc 120

Misc 106Misc 105Happy Birthday Saima x   


At 3:56 AM, Blogger MacPurdys said...

Happy Holidays Kris!!! All the best in 2009.

Come visit down under before we all leave!



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