Sunday, January 20, 2008

January Break in Prague

Wallenstein Palace from across the river

One of the advantages of living back in the UK is all the cheap flights to Europe, so before christmas I had decided that for Saima's birthday that she (as well as myself) deserved a break, Saima especially has been working insane hours and as I knew she would have a decent chunk of time off I wanted to take her somewhere with a little culture. So that ruled out Dudley near Birmingham, but meant that Prague would be perfect.

We arrived on Friday afternoon and headed straight to the hotel in the center of Prague, which with all the McDonalds and KFC's you would of thought that it was any city in England, so immediately we knew that we would need to travel off the square to see a more authentic Prague. After check-in we headed off for a little reccy to get our barings, it's something I always like to do, as I hate getting lost. So off to find the National Theatre in time for our visit to the Ballet that night, yes you heard me right... The Ballet.

The Ballet was something I had never been interested, but considering that Ballet is about the flowing of movement, strong poses and the lines of motion it makes sense that I would enjoy it as much as I did, I had managed to get hold of 2 tickets 5 rows from the front, and if we hadn't been 10 minutes late for the start we would of been able to sit in them. Luckily they said that they could let take our seats at the interval, but that first of all meant that we had to STAND in the gallery at the top of the theatre (I'm scared of heights), but it did give us a great view of all the action.

All very formal, Saima looked amazing so what better thing to do than head to a bar afterwards for a couple of Czech beers and Mojito's for the lady, followed by McDonalds... It was late.

So Saturday we headed off to another part of the city and checked out a Salvador Dali exhibition, and some of the other sights of Prague, all the pictures can be found here. Then for dinner we ended up in the Poshest restaurant I think either of us have ever been too, in a underground grotto with a grand piano player. Thinking about it now I have no idea how they got that piano down there.. Regardless the food was pretty good although not the best, but managed to bluff my wine tasting prowess so that we ended up with a cheeky little Czech number, the name escapes me. I had completely forgotten that the smoking ban in England has made eating out so much more pleasant, as the ban isn't in effect in Prague, so the guy on the table next to you is quite happily puffing away over your salmon steak...

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