Sunday, August 19, 2007

Back in the UK, Update Pt 1 (The Rant)

So I've been back home for just under 2 weeks, and plenty has happened. You may be wondering about the lack of pictures, the reason for this is that I don't have the cable to attach my camera to my laptop, did I leave it in Canada??? No, I was extremely organised, I had packed everything up and put it all in my suitcases. But there lies the problem...

You may remember that back in January I flew back to Montreal and my luggage went missing for a couple of days, well guess what happened again, only this time it's a little more serious as I have moved back to England which means that those 2 suitcases contained the rest of my life from my time in Canada and some of the stuff from before. As I had so many documents to bring back I couldn't fit them all into my handluggage so I put some into my check-in luggage, as well as the rest of my clothes, cables, even the original artwork given to me as a leaving present from Montreal. I thought that they would of been safe, suppose I should of known better, I was flying with BA again via Heathrow, quickly becoming one of the worst combinations to travel with.

Ok so one of my suitcases turned up the next day, but the other one is still MIA, and maybe for a while if the reports online about Heathrow are to be believed. So in the mean time I need to compile a list of everything that was in there and so if I can get something back.


At 12:29 PM, Blogger MacPurdys said...

Oh, Kris! That sucks about your luggage! I was just talking to a client this morning and he told me that England is a nightmare right London..with BA. He's from England and flying back. And trying to avoid British Airways!!

Good luck with getting your stuff back!
Hope things are going well.


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