Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Blogger V's Facebook

Ok so my blog hasn't been updated much of late, that's party to do with being really busy in work, not too much blog worthy happening and.... Facebook, some say it's evil, I've long been saying that it's stalking with permission.

I'm just waiting for the first case of harassment of a facebook stalker, for those of you that don't know what facebook is, it's basically an easier version of Myspace... If you don't know what Myspace is, well it's basically a diary, like this blog. Yes it's all completely futile, but finding that with living here a lot of old and familiar faces are coming out the wood work, old school friends, people I used to play basketball with in secondary school, even some people that I'd completely forgotten about until they gave me a 'poke' (that's how the facebookers get your attention)

The thing I like and dislike with equal feeling is the fact that you can go through someones list of 'friends' and find people you used to know, and vice versa. Now I do like this idea, but it does feel some what like you are compromising your friends privacy sometimes. I actually have my facebook connected to this blog, which in turn appears in facebook a couple of days/hours after I write this, as you all know my blog is connected to my website, which is in turn connected to my linkedin account which for those that don't know is my professional connections.

So yes it's my own fault for connecting all of these together, and will get to the point where instead of giving me a call people start communicating with facebook. I found it funny the other day when Brian said that he had contacted someone and left them a message though facebook instead of just calling, or talking to someone in the old skool way. It IS a great way of tracking down old friends, but I can see it becoming competitive. Now this post, on my blog will be in facebook soon, thus continues the circle of information.

Personally I feel like facebook is for fun, and this blog is informative (well at least I think so), I remember when you had to remember telephone numbers before mobile phones, that went, now you don't even have to ask for someones number you can probably track them down spy style via someone else's connections, and virtually follow them, I tell you it'll all end in tears. I've already experienced albeit semi accidentally the virtual snub on facebook, and I can tell you it's a strange feeling, do I get annoyed, do I get angry, did they even realise what they did, maybe it was a mistake?

Anyway it all ended up being sorted, but that's just an example of the power of the facebook, virtual slapping... It's a lot less painful than a real slap but stings just as much. Anyway, if you haven't joined the revolution it might be worth depending on what you are looking for, for those that haven't I'm sure it'll only be a matter of time before something comes along to replace facebook.


At 2:12 PM, Blogger MacPurdys said...

Ah, yes...facebook. I personally, can not get into Facebook. I found it too complicating and not personal. I like your comment - it's stalker with permission. Good one! I feel that it's just for nosy people who want to peep at other people's lives...but from a distance. So, my the Blog.

My 2 cents!

At 10:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm watching you ALL


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