Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Long Weekend with the Purdy’s.

The Purdy’s (Darryl and Stacey) extended their hospitality to Paul, Jolyne and I for the long weekend, I was late for the train as usual so I didn’t have time to buy a ticket so I managed to run and just catch it thinking that I would buy a ticket when the guy came by to check them, so the entire train journey was spent with me anxiously checking the door waiting for the inspector, lucky for me we got to Pointe-Claire without me getting checked.

The weather was perfect BBQ weather, the beers were chilled and the kids, Shamus and Breagha were ready to pull out every book they owned to show us.

Work has been it’s usual hectic self, with some interesting developments that will be revealed in due course, so I welcomed the relaxing time we would be spending on the West Island, and to save us the hassle of traveling all the way back downtown, we were going to stay the night. I had every intention of leaving the drinking until much later on in the afternoon, but as Darryl said “It’s a long weekend, it would rude not too” so by 1 o’clock I was willingly nursing my first Corona of the day.

Like with most get-togethers everyone always gathers around the kitchen table. Stacey was wielding a knife whilst talking to us, and telling me about the time she was given a $100 fine for not having bought a train ticket, not so sure I would of risked the train journey had I known that, but to be honest I was so focused on her knife action that I was too scared to listen to what she was saying properly… well at least until I tentatively took it out of her hand.

So after the we all did exactly what Stacey wanted us to do, and Shamus had managed to get Darryl to read him 2 or 3 stories we headed out to Pointe-Claire village, with Paul trying to give Shamus the benefit of his ‘wisdom’, I like to think of them as Paulizum’s, but the best advice I could give you Shamus… Don’t listen to Paul…

We get to the village for ice cream and swings, bringing back childhood memories of chipping my teeth on a giant rocking horse, and jumping off the swings at their peak into the sand, it were Ace!!! To coin a phrase I used to use as a kid.

Time for BBQ, and the marinated chicken kebabs and hot dogs, I’d been looking forward to this all day, and now all the driving was done and Shamus and Breagha were safely tucked in bed, Stacey and Darryl could let their hair down and have proper drink, the beer and wine flowed, and out came all the sorts of embarrassing stories, maybe its something to do with having kids, but Darryl and Stacey really can tell a story and the more they drank the more the stories came out. The Goonie's gets put on in the background and Stacey continued to hit me, which according to Jolyne means she approves of me, but I have bruises on my right arm now. Darryl fills us in on some Goonie’s facts, and lets just say the film isn’t the same in my eyes, it’s childhood innocence has now disappeared and replaced a new found appreciation for 80’s film effects.

So thanks again for a really relaxing, very adult feeling weekend, it was exactly what I needed to prepare me for the weeks ahead, it was a great way of getting rid of the stress that I’ve felt building the past couple of weeks.

Just a side note, but my camera battery ran out, hence the lack of pictures, but everything I said happened is the truth, and you'll just have to believe me on that one.


At 10:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Kris!
It was great to have you guys. We really enjoyed it and hope we didn't scare you off from the "family life"!!!


At 2:49 PM, Blogger MacPurdys said...

Hheeehehe....you have great "blogging" humour Kris! You're just like Darryl..witty on the computer!

Didn't mean to scare you with the whole "knife" incident!! So glad that you guys came out for a visit!!!

At 12:45 AM, Blogger KrisZadziuk said...

It always fun at the Purdy's, think I'm over the knife incident now.

Although was making dinner the other night and had flashbacks, just threw a half chopped pepper and a whole onion in, it was the worst pasta dish I've ever made.


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