Saturday, May 05, 2007

Saima's here too.

For the eagle eyed amoung you, you will also notice in the previous post about Andy and Sha being here that sat in the middle of them was the lovely Dr Nawaz, she had also made the trip to Montreal as she just so happened to have some time off as well. No one comes for ages then everyone comes at once.

This was her second trip out, but this time the weather was a little warmer and there seemed to be a lot less snow than last time, she's also been working really hard and deserves a break more than anyone I know. So I wanted her trip to be a holiday as much for her as I wanted it to be for

It's always great to see her, and we don't see each other nearly as much as I'd like, but thats a whole different story not for public consumtion, it seemed like we crammed in so much over her week here, but the main goal was to just relax, chill and generally hangout, we always have a great time, and I was gutted to see her go, although I seem to be good at hiding it to her face, the trip back to my place always seems a little empty.

So much rest, made me realise how much I should value my none work time, and although I have loads to do before the end of Assassin's Creed I want to make sure that I stike as positive a balance between work and social life as possible enjoying the Montreal spring/summer whilst still working to a level that I feel will produce some of my best animation.


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