Sunday, March 25, 2007

Julie 2's Birthday

Last night Jeff, Paul and I were invited to Julie's birthday, she works part-time as one of the waitresses in a bar on Mont Royal that we have been going to recently, and got to know her after a discussion about quality Rum's and Whiskey's. She's really cool, and a complete party warrior so when we were invited out to a resturant in Eastern Montreal called Jardin Tiki, we had to check it out. First a little background...

Jardin Tiki, is a Tiki bar/buffet resturant that has a distinct holiday camp vibe going on, if anyone has ever been to Pontins/Butlins or on a Package holiday you'll know what this place is like, there is one choice on the menu (buffet) and the price depends on your age bracket. The whole night was tongue in cheek, as the idea was for everything to be as cheesy as possible, so if you're prepared for that you'll be alright. The music was of the lounge room variety with the same band apparently playing there for over 20 years. You could feel that their enthusiasm and dreams of pop stardom had died along time ago.

Conga lines were led by Julie around the bar area, with grannies and children alike joining in, the service was terrible and considering all they had to do was bring us drinks as the food was self service it shouldn't of been too hard, but obviously not.

But it wasn't about quality hence the $15 price tag, infact that just enhanced the night, we only really knew Julie and a couple of her friends so the 3 of us felt a little awkward and the lack of alcohol didn't help us loosen up, but we all had that in common.

After Jardin Tiki, it was decided that we should find somewhere to continue the fun, and to carry on the theme of quality establishment we ended up at a tiny karaoke bar which turns out is 3 minutes from my doorstep, but I never knew existed, Jeff belted out "Birthday" by the Beatles for Julie and we planned a duet, but think that Julie's rendition of "Final Countdown" by Europe cleared the bar of the quality singers, except for one guy that sang an uncannyly impressive version of a Genisis classic, complete with extras.

Anyway... depite the theme of lack of quality, we had a laugh. More pictures can be seen in my album, so check them out.


At 4:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Julie 2 looks like a party warrior!!


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