Sunday, February 04, 2007

Pandora's Box

Being able to listen to music at work is great, and having 1600 other people to 'leech' off is also pretty useful, but there is only so much music on the network.

I have been pointed in the direction of this site which is completely legal and acts like a radio station. Maybe everyone already knows about it and I'm just behind the times, eitherway it's definately worth a look.

It works by asking you for either an artist or song and then the site will find songs of a similar style and create an entire radio channel of them, it plays the entire song and not just a taster, the more you listen the more the site recognises your musical tastes and starts suggesting songs and bands you might like. It seems like a really easy way of listening to new music, and if you like certain songs, you can buy them and play them in your iTunes.


At 12:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Genome Project And Their Alien Connections

Investigators in Texas are interviewing key officials of the Music Genome Project after a local journalist has revealed what he believes to be a cover up, that the CEO of Music Genome is an alien.

Apprently leaked documents reveal that the CEO, a Mr. Ziloolion Scarrbabacanbush has created Pandora software that will project a bug like alien entity called a Zarbgon into the minds of all Pandora users.

The Music Genome Project offices were unavailable for comment.

Paul News Limited


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