Sunday, April 01, 2007

Aussie Kris' Birthday Beerfest

Behold the bath of beer, cold beverages from around the globe.

Aussie Kris' birthday is today, and of course this would mean plenty of alcohol, but Kris decided that it would be a little more than just alcohol, so off he went to Ottawa to collect some of the world's finest, all the way through the alphabet.

Kris also provided us with the customary beer coolers, to enhance the crisp, clean taste. His place is overlooking Parc LaFontaine, and he has his own little terrace, a nightmare in Winter but the perfect party venue in the Spring/Summer, unless you are like me and scared of heights, and you have problems going anywhere near the edge. Once you've travelled up his medieval staircase, you already feel you've earnt yourself a drink.

You can see some more of the pictures from Saturday night here.

A crowd favourite seemed to be the Smokey German beer, which on first taste feels like you are drinking straight from a BBQ, definately an aquired taste but was interesting none the less. I forget the name of it though.

Think the mixture of all the different beers got a little too much for Paul, Jeff and Blake.

Kris had rented a tux for that elegant feel, it's getting to the point here where I think I'm acting more like a student, than when I was actually a student, everything seems to revolve around a beverage of some sort. Meh... Hangovers are for the weak!

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