Saturday, June 16, 2007

10 Year's in Quebec

The entrance to the party with Can-Can dancers.

Ubisoft Montreal has now been here for 10 years, fair enough I've only been here for 2 of them, but since we had our AGM today, they found that the best way to ensure that every employee attends was to give them lots of free alcohol and a big party afterward. No complaints from this guy.

The CEO of the company joining in, can you guess which one he is?

The 20 year bash last year, was amazing at the Cirque du Soleil school last year, and that was after the AGM, and with this year being a celebration of the Montreal Studio alone, we had high hopes for this one. The bar had been raised.

So straight after the AGM, I grabbed a beer, met up with Blake, Paul and Kris and headed down to the old port, could wait for the bus... Nah! It's a really nice sunny day, I'll walk down, beer in hand and beat the rush to the bar. Beat the rush we did, we ended up being some of the first there. But that meant we got the pick of the good spots.

Upon entering, we are greated by a guy playing electric guitar, nothing unusual about that you might say, but then when I tell you that he was doing backflips whilst playing it puts it into perspective a little. Random acrobats hanging from the ceiling, free runners playing on the scafolding, an arcade and of course the main ingredient to pull it all together and keep the party lubricated. Free bar!

The Can-Can dancers 'working' the room

It was great to have everyone in one place, work has been really hard recently so it was great to unwind, and never one to do things by halves, unwind I did.

I've uploaded some of the photo's onto my gallery, along with some I've found and been sent from various people, not sure when the next party will be, but this one certainly was alot of fun and should keep me going for a while at least.

Nic and Dean sharing a moment.


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