Friday, June 22, 2007

Karen's first comedy club

The Just for Laugh's festival is warming up here and thought that it would be a good idea to take them to a comedy club, somewhere a little different. In the paper, Saima style we found a place right next door to an Irish Pub which instantly boded well for the type of comedy we were looking for. A little place called the Comedyworks on Bishop, they had 4 acts on that night and a compare, and for only $10 a head you couldn't really go far wrong. So in we go, and even my tee total mum decided to have a glass of wine to loosen up. I only just found out that Karen had never been to a comedy club before, so it was time to get some of those Zadziuk laughter lines on her face and break her comedy cherry. The first act comes on and it's an Improv Act, and who happened to be sitting not too far from the front... Yep that would be me and a random Irish guy on holiday in Montreal, Brilliant...

So up we get, our roles would require us to jump in during the story told by the comedian's and suggest the next part of the subject, innocent enough you would think. Yeah so did I, but bare in mind that I had had about 3 pints and not eaten at this point. So; I'm sat on a high stool on one side and the Irish guy is on the other, now at this point the compare had already noticed that I was English and the Irish guy was sat at the front, so we were already the but of several Quebec jokes laying into the Brits. The story starts and the Irish guy is tapped on the shoulder the end of the comedian's sentance is "Great to see you we should..." to which the Irish guy replies, "Go for a pint". Typically Irish and exactly what they wanted, I stick my hand up and explain that my mother is in the crowd and please go easy on me, which seems to get a laugh, but I was being serious.

The story gets to me and the sentance goes "Yeah it would be great to go for a pint as I can..." to which for some bizzare reason out comes "Give you back that used condom..." WHAT AM I THINKING!!!! I was trying to think of something funny and for some reason I lowered it to sex jokes, and the most comedy thing that came into my head was used condom. I'm moritfied! why couldn't it of been something else, but because I was thinking so hard against smut the first thing that came out of my mouth was that!!!! At this point I look over and see my mum and sister crying with laughter and the rest of the crowd seemed to enjoy it as well, this seemed to set the comedians up no end and sent us back to our seats with my face bright red. But at least I had my 15 seconds of fame, just never thought it would be like that.


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