Sunday, November 04, 2007

Singing into my 30's

No updates for a while, and now hopefully they will start coming in again, as I've finally gotten my internet connection back, so I can upload photos and make these entry's at least look interesting.

So I had wanted to find a way of turning 30 but do something memorable, by suggesting we check out the new private Karaoke rooms that have just opened in Bristol, I seemed like the only one that was up for it, but with Saima's powers of persuasion and the fact that it was my birthday and I would of thrown my toys out the pram everyone agreed to join me in a night of 80's power ballad's.

So we lined up the shots, got a couple of beers down us and within no time Duncan had loaded up the selections, and I was knocking out "Livin' on a Prayer" much to Saima's amusement. Taking the lesson I learnt from Dean in Montreal, that it's not about the song it's about the performance, everyone seemed to gradually come over to the idea that this was fun and not as humiliating as they might of first thought.

From what I remember I had a fantastic night... I think, well I know that I had a sore throat for quite a few days afterwards so I'm taking that as a good sign.

Anyway here are some more pictures of the night, the camera was taken out of my hands so I have no control over the 'action' shots.

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