Tuesday, October 25, 2005

New Apartment / Flat

With being over 3000 miles away from home, an essential part of living in Montreal is going to be finding a decent appartment. I have found a great place just 20 minutes walk from work, and after 28 years it is actually the first time I have EVER lived completely alone.

Yeah, I've had room mates before, but now I am in a place where I don't have to worry about anything, I can make noise, cook at bizare times of night, wander from bedroom to shower without having to put on a house coat ;-)

I couldn't believe how cheap it is to live over here though... I'm paying just a little more than I was paying in Bristol, but the difference is... It's all mine. Ubisoft have been great, helping me get my appartment furnished. To the point where my appartment looks like an IKEA showroom, but the main thing is it's functional. Although I splashed out on a piece of artwork, which I think looks awesome in my bedroom. Even purchased a cool retro bubble chair on a recent trip to Toronto... Problem is, getting it to Montreal.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Basketball anyone?

Basketball, the other beautiful game, I would of thought that it would of been easy to find somewhere to play in Canada, but it's proving harder than I first imagined.

After playing recreational ball in England and various organised games, I wanted to start something over here. Joined a YMCA, but it wasn't as fun as I first imagined, but I stuck with it thinking that maybe I just needed to adapt to the style of play, but a 5ft 9, English, white guy isn't as intimidating as you might first think.

I've learn't that you need to prove yourself a lot more than in England, but to do that it helps to actually get the ball once in a while, which was my main stumbling block.

So again, Ubisoft comes to the rescue, and by sending a mail via our news service. I've found enough people to start a mini league, and here was me thinking we would only get enough for a 5 v 5! So I plan to start something similar to the Basketball I used to play with friends in England, just for fun... for now at least.

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