Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Back and Forth… and Back again.

So it seems like I’ll be using the blog again, although not completely sure of it’s relevance this time around, with Facebook, Skype and a ton of other ways of keeping in touch around now that weren’t used as much “back in the day” (2005).

This time it’ll be a little different though, because Saima will be coming with me…  I’ll be heading back to Canada but this time it’ll be Toronto rather than Montreal.  Should be really exciting, and especially since I’ll be working with Ubisoft again, and some of the team I worked with back on the original Assassins Creed.

It was a really tough decision to go back in some ways, but in others it was by far the best solution.  I feel that the industry in the UK for the time being at least, is in flux and it’s hard to offer stability which as most of you know is what I’m looking for now.  If it wasn’t for Saima opening the doors to this opportunity we would likely be staying in the UK, but it would be on a job to job basis which at the moment I’m not comfortable with.  Ubisoft Toronto is a new studio with some big ideas, they have offered me an amazing opportunity to get involved with some great projects and knowing the team that I’ll be working with as I do, it’ll be one hell of a ride and I am looking forward to starting work again, but this time as an Animation Director, a step up but one I feel ready to tackle head on, but this time, with the support of my Wife!!!

It’ll be easy to keep in touch with me if you want to, and I’m going to miss everyone (again) but I hope to see you soon.  If you board/ski, see you out in Canada for a trip, or just come and visit, we’ll have plenty of room in the place we find.

Skype Nickname: zadgeman

See you soon Canada.

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