Sunday, March 07, 2010

San Francisco – Day 1 Arrival for GDC 2010

GDC or to the uninitiated the “Game Developers Conference” is essentially a time when a load of people in the industry get together to talk about games.  Sure it’ll probably be a little geeky, but it’s in San Francisco Baby!!!

SanFran 035 San Francisco by Sunrise from the Hotel

Bizarre have kindly offered to send me out all expenses paid with a bunch of other people from the company as the Animation/Art representative, but at the moment I’m sat in the hotel room watching NCAA basketball and drinking a coffee whilst looking out over the city and trying to adjust my body clock to the fact that I’ve got a whole 10 extra hours of the day to do something with as it’s 4.30 pm on Monday here but 12.24 on Tuesday back home.  For the first time I can remember I actually slept on the plane, but I think that might have something to do with the 3 mini bottles of red wine and the sleeping tablet.  Then through the always friendly and helpful US customs, although this time no full cavity search, just the regular full hand prints, retina scan, duplicate visa application and credit check, the funny thing is that when ever I do this I can’t help but smile, which doesn’t go down well.

Neil the Head of Art knows San Francisco pretty well so he decided that we should all head out for a Steak at one of San Fran’s well known steakhouse, I had forgotten just how big American portions of EVERYTHING are, with just a massive plate of Porterhouse Steak appearing in front of me, followed by mountains of mash and vegtables, topped off with a overly large portion of cheesecake.  Great food which is a good sign for the week, I’ve also heard that there is an all you can eat sushi resturant around here.

Anyway, tomorrow we have some downtime, assuming that I’ll of gotten over any jetlag a bunch of us are heading over to Pier 33 to do the Alcatraz tour, and then I might go and do a little bit of recreational shopping, that may or may not include a present or two for Saima.  Then hopefully meet up with some people I know that live here and a couple of people we know that are also out here.  I’ve also been told that you don’t come to San Francisco if you are trying to loose weight, and with the wedding in less than 8 weeks, I might have to hit that gym a little harder when I get back.


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