Sunday, March 22, 2009

Business in Oxford

Bizarre sent me to direct a motion capture shoot in Oxford on Friday, and as a result would put us up in a hotel so we could be ready bright and early Friday morning, usually you get put in a Holiday Inn, not that there is anything wrong with that, but there is no denying that it’s functional and that's it.

So when you find that you are being put up in the Malmaison (there was a deal on, making it the cheapest option) in Oxford you can’t really complain, and it does make it a little more interesting especially when you find out that they filmed parts of The Italian Job and Porridge there.  Wait a minute what scenes?


The prison scenes, turns out that the Malmaison in Oxford not only is it next to the castle but it’s built in a refurbished prison, it’s a very strange experience, especially when outside your room you have a tour guide letting you know how many executions happened in the grounds and at times, in the rooms.  A little worrying.

I obviously can’t talk about the shoot, but I can say that I always have a good time with the guys at Audiomotion and hopefully I’ll be able to talk about it later on in the year, maybe even show some of the moves we captured, this shoot was by far the most interesting I’ve directed especially considering the subject mater and the guys we used on the day.


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