Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Wheres the Tescos?

In 1977, Quebec introduced its Charter of the French Language (the so-called "Bill 101") to promote and preserve the French language in the province, directly challenging the federal bilingualism policy. Most controversially, the charter bans the use of English on commercial signs in the province, and forbids children from attending English-language public schools unless their parents received the majority of their education in English, in Quebec.

But then in 1988 the Supreme Court of Canada, ruled that the commercial sign law provisions of the Quebec Charter of the French Language, banning the use of the English language on outdoor signs, were unconstitutional.

All outdoor signs in Montreal are in French, only sometimes do they have an English translation in small letters underneath.

Friday, July 01, 2005

First week at Ubisoft

After spending all my professional career at Hothouse, whom I have a lot to thank for, I am now embarking on a whole new stage of my career. Ubisoft, to work on the Prince of Persia series of games. I could give you more details, but then I'll be shipped off onto the first flight back to England and that would be my career at Ubisoft over in record time.

Ubisoft Outside

40 other people started with me today!!! that's an entire Hothouse, all starting at the same time. It turns out I'm one of only 2 animators starting, the other guy, is Yoseff a guy from Ubi Casablanca, here specially to work on POP3. After seemingly endless integration meetings and flow charts and documents I need to sign I finally get to meet the team I'll be working with. Now these guys have been waiting for 5 weeks for me, so they as well as me are anxious to meet me, and see if I am worth the wait.

But I need not of worried as everyone has been great, and eased me in slowly. To the point where the first bit of animation I did wasn't until the Wednesday 2 days later.

There follows a meeting with the relocation company to show me around Montreal, a lot of which I had seen the previous weekend on a wander in sweltering heat. Starting from scratch isn't as easy as you would at first think. For a start getting a bank account you would think is essential, but getting it in the first place was a bit of a chore, then there is the fun with getting me a Canadian Credit Card, and various other findings, such as tax on everything, but not shown until you get to the counter. I've been caught out a few times with that puppy.

But I'm settling in now, met some of the Brits/Anglophones here, and they have helped me meet more people, which I really appreciate, being the social butterfly that I am.

So where are my deadlines??? Lets get started.

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