Monday, October 29, 2007

Reverend and the Makers in Bristol

Last Tuesday night I took Saima to see Reverend and the Makers, now until I’d come home I hadn’t heard much about them but I had heard a lot of good reviews from other people that had seen them, and with my internal mandate of seeking new music and independent film (check me out!!), we jumped at the chance for tickets at the relatively small Carling Academy in Bristol. This place I reckon holds around 400 people, tops, so we were always going to be close the stage and get a chance to take in the show, for some reason blogger isn't letting me upload images, but there is some coming.

We get there about 40 minutes before the main event, and take in a small new band supporting going by the name of “The Ting Tings”, give them a listen, they aren’t bad and definitely something a little original, loads of energy but that was nothing compared to the Reverend.

On he comes to large bright flashing lights, silhouetted to the crowd, all you could make out was this lanky northerner with what could only be described as a haircut similar to that of Leo Sayers, his band is already on stage already playing the intro to the first tune. Straight away this guy gets the crowd involved, shadow boxing to the music. The girl in front of us clearly having a great time bumping into everyone decides to move further into the crowd of people giving us a clear view of the action.

For those that haven’t heard them, they are like a combination of “The Streets” and the “Arctic Monkeys”, and the reverend as he likes to be called definitely has a little bit of arrogant confidence about him, not unlike Liam Gallagher, and with being a massive fan of Oasis (still) I lapped it up. Anyway the gig was fantastic, and with this band more than likely to hit the big time pretty soon, I doubt that we’ll get to see them in a venue this small again, they are the kind of band that could easily fill a larger place and still entertain everyone, so my advice is if you get a chance to see them… Go!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Little Catch Up

It’s been ages since I last updated; bet some of you thought that I had dropped off the face of the planet. So my apologies for not being more proactive in updating the blog.

So… Instead of taking ages to bring you all up to date, I’ll do it in massively impersonal bullet point form.

Got my case back, completely wrecked, rotten and busted. Must have been sat in a puddle of something nasty, but with a big thanks to my Mum and Dad I think that they managed to save pretty much everything. Yes guys, that includes the awesome piece of Assassins art work you gave me, it is now hanging pride of place in the most appropriate room… The bathroom.

Applied for damages and BA decided to offer me 503 quid to not pursue it any more, which I quite easily could have, and after all the hassle I’ve been through with them, I can’t be bothered. So thank you BA I’ll take your cash, and recommend that you all avoid BA, especially if you are transferring through Heathrow, which should now be named the worst airport in the world.

The job is going well, although animation at the moment is minimal to none existent. Basically I’m helping establish the ground work for the future, but finding my feet for now and I’m sure that I’ll be back animating within no time, there is no way I’m becoming an excel jockey.

Now fully addressed up, and all my stuff has arrived from Montreal, so I’ve been nest building for the 3rd time in 4 years. Integrating myself back into the English culture, but still to see quite a few people because I’ve been so busy with setting myself up in my place and with work. The only people I’ve been seeing on a regular basis so far are some of my Bristol friends, the family and of course Saima.

Back with a car, and it’s now starting to feel more ‘normal’, driving to work everyday is still pretty cool, but I need to get my iPod connected because Radio 1 in the morning is beginning to grate. It seems very strange that I spent almost 2 and a half years in Montreal, I do miss it, and I will return to visit soon, just now isn’t the best time. Jeff put it in an interesting way in a recent email… I miss that going for a weekday piss up, any day of the week feeling.

Just started playing basketball again, after 2 months, and I’m trying to stay out of getting too involved in anything, but sure it’s only a matter of time before I start competing for a place on the team, yeah I enjoy basketball, but also enjoy the competition.

I’ve even got my DVD player back from before I left, it plays anything. So I’m back to building on my DVD collection, but this time with a heavy emphasis on war films. Dean you would be proud, but don’t think you’ll see much of my work for a while yet.

In the 2 months I’ve been back I’m getting a taste of what it would be like to anticipate Assassins, I’m really looking forward to the release in November. Any of the Assassins team reading this, make sure I get my copy!!! PAL compatible please.

To my Montreal buddies, the ones still there and the ones that have moved away to pastures new, I’ll be in contact on a more personal level soon, I have been following everything, and if I don’t reply straight away, I haven’t forgotten, trust me. I will speak to you all soon. Some of my pictures are on facebook, more coming.

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