Thursday, May 15, 2008

Aston Martin Driving...

Ever since watching my first Bond film in 1987 (The Living Daylights), I've loved the Aston Martin, to me, Bond and the Aston Martin go hand in hand...

With this I've always wanted to live out part of my Bond fantasy and drive one, with them costing quite a bit of money it'll likely be more expensive than my first house when I eventually get around to buying one, so you can understand that for the first lap of my 4 laps around the track I would be quite tentative.

Saima for my 30th birthday managed to get hold of a driving day for me in an Aston Martin, and I have to say it was amazing, not really sure if the video does it justice, but as soon as I came round the corner on that second lap and put my foot down for the first time, you might be able to see a little smile come across my face. But I wanted to say thanks again to Saima for having the insight in getting me 8 minutes 30 seconds of as close to being James Bond as I am likely to get.

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