Thursday, October 20, 2005

Basketball anyone?

Basketball, the other beautiful game, I would of thought that it would of been easy to find somewhere to play in Canada, but it's proving harder than I first imagined.

After playing recreational ball in England and various organised games, I wanted to start something over here. Joined a YMCA, but it wasn't as fun as I first imagined, but I stuck with it thinking that maybe I just needed to adapt to the style of play, but a 5ft 9, English, white guy isn't as intimidating as you might first think.

I've learn't that you need to prove yourself a lot more than in England, but to do that it helps to actually get the ball once in a while, which was my main stumbling block.

So again, Ubisoft comes to the rescue, and by sending a mail via our news service. I've found enough people to start a mini league, and here was me thinking we would only get enough for a 5 v 5! So I plan to start something similar to the Basketball I used to play with friends in England, just for fun... for now at least.


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