Sunday, June 12, 2005

Montreal: New Job, New Country, Fresh Start.

I flew into Montreal on June 11th 2005, not knowing what to expect, so in good old British fashion, I thought that to be safe I'll put a coat on. As I wanted to feel the benefit once I left the airport. Feel the benefit I did, by getting hit by a wave of humidity... BOSH! I look around, trying to look like I know what I'm doing, and walk calmly over to a taxi, and get a lift into the center on Montreal.

By now it is obvious that I'm not Local, and when the cabbie turns off his meter you can imagine the feeling of being conned I had deep within, but then again that could of been the food on the Air France flight?

After 2 stops, and 2 separate cabs I arrive at my temporary appartment, tired, but excited. So I quickly head out to find somewhere to eat, I walk through the "sex village" NICE! and up St-Denis, and quickly spotting a familiar site I decide to take a chance... and head on into McDonalds, never let it be said I don't take risks.

Montreal Parc LaFontane
Sat and chilled after a long flight on my first full day

This is actually in the center of town.


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