Monday, July 24, 2006

London - Sarah, Chantelle and Nick

I'd managed to catch up with a lot of people upon my return, and I had told Nick that I would visit him in West Hamstead. With the car overheating (again) on the M4 over to London from Bristol I was all ready to turn back, as the traffic was becoming a nightmare. Sarah was telling me that it might be hard to come over as she was double booked. It seemed like my London leg of my tour would be postponed.

Until Sarah graciously decided to cancel her footy match and come to West Hamstead as well. Sarah and Chantelle had been over to Montreal, with Chantelle actually living here for a few months. Now whenever I meet up with Nick, randomness always ensues. This time was no different with Nick buying bottles of wine, flashy London style, smoking huge Havana cigars at 3 in the morning, whilst discussing with his next door neighbour the influence of a Dublin poet's writings on acting... The girl that was talking about this I think personally was talking out of her backside, she also seemed to believe that the French resistance didn't exist. But by this time I had given up listening to her and decided that I'd much rather wind her up than seriously discuss anything with her.

despite the fact I don't smoke, cigars seemed like a good idea at the time, besides, is that really smoking? It was Nick's way of welcoming me back home. Each to there own I suppose.


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