Monday, June 26, 2006

F1 Weekend 'n' Stuff

The F1 stands for 1 Ferrari by the way, as there are no pictures of the Formula 1 weekend as it would of cost a fortune to head up there today, and besides there was more important things to do, namely playing footy in the street

Here's me trying to get back into 'my' car, I locked the keys side and it was extremely frustrating, suppose I'll have to leave it here for another night. I have to point out that although this picture looks very shadey, I did not try to steal this car, just incase this car does wind up being stolen, and then this picture could be a tad incriminating.

After the game yesterday, we were walking down St-Laurent, and an impromptu game of football broke out with some more England fans celebrating the win, when you get sun, a closed off street due to the F1 activities and a random blokes ball, you get our version of Street footy! Although not massively skillful, the passion was there, and surely that counts for something?

The ball ended up in the Noodle shop behind Jeff in this picture a couple of times, a sublime piece of skill by Jeff to keep it out on this occasion. I think he then hoofed it down the street which was about as useful as a Paul Robinson punt.

Then it continues in the park in the old port, until Harry kicks the ball in the water, then you get Harry trying to do his best Baywatch impression whilst climbing out of the water.

After a long day out in the sun, playing footy as well as watching it, I was walking back to my apartment, and took this picture of tonights sunset... It was amazing, so much so, I thought that I'd share it with you all.


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