Sunday, June 11, 2006

Game of 2 Halves.

So it's that time again, England are in the World Cup, and again we are one of a few teams capable of winning it. I'm excited, I've been waiting for this since the day we were knocked out against Brazil in 2002. With being in Montreal and the time difference being around 5/6 hours, it meant that if we wanted to watch this puppy, I was gonna have to drag myself up and out and sat down ready by 8am.

As this is a special occasion, I thought it would be nice to get as many Brits together as possible so we could get that famous pub atmosphere. 14 of us in the end (most from Ubi), all ready cheer on our team.

Jeff and Harry got excited.

Harry who I knew from Bristol was well up for it and by 8.30 we all had pints and breakfast and were ready for kick off. We tried to make it as rowdy as possible, but because I used to love watching matches with Andy, Justin and Sharon in the walkabout, Harry did his best, and was well up for the challenge.

As did Steve.

Jack and I combined our powers to help England to victory

If you squint you could almost be there, as you can see the score is 1-0

Joylne, got involved and wore the colours for our Boys, was also an honourary Brit for the day.

Lot's of screaming and shouting all around, combined with several pints of Guiness, that is fast becoming my tipple of choice whilst watching football, but it's so damn expensive.

We ended up winning 1-0, and it was a decent performance, and was a great start to what is my year annervsary of being in Montreal. Cheers everyone, I had a blast!



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