Friday, May 12, 2006

Playing with Pingu

So we visited the Biodome, yeah this is starting to feel like I'm a kid again, Mum and Dad taking me out for the day, just this time, I'm allowed to have a beer every now and again, and I'm telling THEM where to go and how to get around. I hadn't seen either of the Biodome or the Insectarium, so I wasn't going to scoff at the chance to go and see some more of Montreal, chances are I wouldn't be going on my own.

I have to admit that I really enjoyed the Penguin's, and we caught them at feeding time, so they were being particularity playful, that combined with the fact I sat on the floor right next to the glass and inbetween the penguins attempting a staring competition and a little girl of about 3 years old showing me the crayon marks on her hand I had a great time, I think she liked the fact I was the same height as her when I was sat down?

I wanted to show them the running joke of Montreal... The Olympic Stadium, which even though the games were here before I was born, the stadium is still trying to pay off it's debt, surely there must be something that they can turn this into? I giant fun house? A massive smoked meat restaurant? Laser Quest? Come on they are all fried gold suggestions, just pick one and start building.

Thought I'd share this pick of the parents, just to prove they were having fun, just after this picture was taken, a penguin jumped over the side and stole my dads camera, needless to say he wasn't best pleased.


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