Thursday, May 04, 2006

Mum and Dad here tomorrow...

Only 1 day left until Mum and Dad come to visit me in here, for the first time since I moved here last June. As usual my Mum's mantra of "Everything happens for a reason" rings true, as their timing is perfect, what with all the hard work we've all been putting in to our E3 demo, I'm looking forward to spending some time with them.

Running the risk of sounding like a big kid instead of the strapping 28 year old man I am, it's been way too long since I saw the family, infact it's been almost 9 months, but hopefully if all works out this year it will be the first of 4 times I'll see them this year, as I have just booked my flight home in July (14th - 29th), then will hopefully be back for this years big event, (The Gordon - Davis wedding) and then christmas, which will be fun as the entire family will be around again. But warning everyone now, with all those flights back there won't be much left over for christmas presents!

So, the plan is the ultra French Quebec City, with the assistance of my French speaking Dad, various resturants of which there are many, the Old Port for him and Ste-Cathrines for her. Of course the old classic of Mont Royal, but this time instead of the snow covered Montreal we'll have the awesome Spring view of Montreal.


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