Monday, March 20, 2006

St-Patrick's Day Parade: Pt 2

As promised here are some of the pictures from the St. Patrick's day parade, it's amazing how many people say that they are Irish, when there is alcohol to be drunk, the streets were packed.

But even though I was saying that this is supposed to be the start of spring, mother nature decided to remind us that we aren't quite there yet, and that she was still holding all the cards, with a little snow fall.

The parade heads down most of St.Cathrine's, where's we started at Bishop, and headed down towards McClean's, as I started to feel the urge for a pint of guiness, and maybe some Irish Stew and possibly an Irish Coffee. Infact I think I was just in the mood for plenty of Irish based activities. Including of course, some traditional Irish music, all the way from.... Newfoundland. Hmmm ah well was still a fun day.


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