Wednesday, March 08, 2006

"Mime's" a pint - Omnibus Mime School

Part of the new training teams mandate is to make classes like this more accessable to everyone at Ubisoft. Now I'll be the first to admit that I walked into this thinking that it would be acting as if I was trapped in a box or fighting against the wind, and wasn't exactly sure how to approach this.

Mimes are actors, whose craft is yet uncorrupted by speech, and as an animator I found this experience extremly interesting. We weren't taught any technicalities of animation or how to go about animating a scene. This session was merely an introduction, and was mainly focusing our attention on what the motivation behind certain actions are.

My day as an animator would consist of me getting up and acting out an action until I get a feel for the movement and can then translate that movement on to the screen. It wasn't teaching us a way of acting, more of 'why' we act and what causes us to act in certain ways. The basics of cause and effect. This is something I feel that on a more advanced level if it were to be used in the correct way could become an extremely useful animating tool.


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