Sunday, February 26, 2006

Smell what the 'Oroc' is cooking

This is Nick Oroc, he turned 30 yesterday you know! Happy Birthday Nick, a load of us all met up to celebrate him turning the big 3.0. I'd like to say that we all got together and discussed deep and meaningful topics, and in a way we did. But not sure if alcohol fueled ramblings count?

Here is an assortment of pictures from his party at Boule Noir (Like Riley's pool hall but classier).

1. Jez in his element, left - right: Random, Sarah, Jez, Random, Amanda.

2. Jez, Nick, Me

3. Nick straddling the sofa, notice the look of pride on Amanda's face.

4. Tanya and I discussing something probably very important

5. Jez and Aude (Jez's good lady)

6. Blake and Tanya


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