Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Arctic Monkey's in Montreal

When Saima was here in January/February, she noticed that the Arctic Monkey's were playing here in March, now I had heard about the Arctic Monkey's before, mainly from reading all the British websites whilst over here, and from an interview with Noel Gallager on the rental car radio when I came back to England for Emma's (my sister) wedding last August. He said that he didn't think that they would do anything, and in no way would they become successful with a name like the Arctic Monkey's.

I tracked down the album for Saima when she was over and from then on both of us where hooked, and I knew that Jeff would be into them as well, so Jeff, Jolyne and I bought tickets for $22 CAD (around £10.81 GBP) to see them on Wednesday.

I've never really been a big one for gigs before, as it has not really been my scene, but I've always wanted to see Oasis live, and since I couldn't get to Toronto on the Monday to see them live with the Arctic Monkey's supporting, seeing the Monkey's in Montreal was the next best thing, and because they were in a small venue the atmosphere was fantasitic. We had seats on the side of the stage but jeff and I ventured down into the pit and as you can see from the above picture, this is how close we managed to get.

Here is a picture from the seats we had, just to show how small the venue was, it was great as there were so many northerner's at the gig, that it felt like I was back home, considering the Arctic's aren't that well known over here and their album was only released a couple of weeks ago, I was suprised at how up for it the crowd was. Now if only Oasis will come to Montreal....


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