Saturday, May 13, 2006

FA Cup Saturday (Stevie G....enius)

First FA cup in Montreal, and of course the mighty reds were gracing the millennium Stadium with their presence again, it's fast becoming known as Anfield South we've played there that many times. With Dad here, I'd promised that I'd find somewhere for us to watch the match, the only catch being that we would need to be sat down ready for action by am... Anyone that knows me or my dad knew that that might be a little too much to ask.

Anyway, we dragged ourselves out to Champs on St-Laurent (somehow), and managed to get settled in for kick off, with coffee and juice in hand, which also seemed strange as football+coffee isn't usually how it works, so Guinness and football quickly followed.

WHAT A GAME!!!! Andy, this would of been an awesome one down the old fish market or walkabout, I can just imagine what the atmosphere would of been like, it seemed to follow a little bit of a familiar pattern. When will teams learn that going 2 goals up against Liverpool, just get them angry and our victory all the more sweet, Jeff's Cry's of *der der der dun der ner... Puppy Power* on the wind up before Stevie's goals seemed fitting, as I'm sure most of you know by now, we won. Text's were going back and forth with Saima and I, very reminiscent of that night in Turkey, keeping each other updated on the reactions in each city... Didn't realise she was supposed to be working though, who was looking after your patients?

Party Setting on the camera was primed well before the first penalty, a feeling of inevitability swept over the staunchly scouse crowd, I wonder how many of them were Liverpool fans BEFORE last years Champions League win? Ah well, doesn't matter, I really enjoyed this one, you always get value for money with the "Pool", we make the winning more exciting, heart attacks all round though, or maybe that was the Schwartz's sandwich we had after?


At 3:26 PM, Blogger The Dickinsons said...

Hey Kristjan!
I just read your blog for the first time today...I really enjoyed it! Hope your parents have enjoyed Montreal...looks like you've been a great tourist guide! :)


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