Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Coming Weekend

The Formula One Grand Prix of Canada is taking place this weekend. I moved to Montreal the weekend of the race last year, but didn't know what was going on.

This weekend is filled with activities. Tomorrow the action will begin on île Ste-Hélène! There is the Open Pits day from 9h to 13h. That's your chance to get an upclose look at the cars and mechanics at work. Then Friday, Saturday and Sunday the drivers will speed around the track in their sleek Formula 1 cars.

Surrounding the Grand Prix there are also activities downtown: Crescent, Peel and (also new from this year) adjacent to the Bell Centre at René Lévesque and Drummond. You'll find cars on display, demonstrations, concerts, etc. Lots to do this weekend for race lovers!

It's also a Quebec holiday this Friday, so that just heightens the debortary, add into the mix England in the second round of the World Cup and you are gonna have a lot of fun.


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