Saturday, July 22, 2006

Bristol Weekender - The Lad's

I actually arrived in Bristol on the Monday evening but hadn't taken any pictures and had just been hanging out with Saima and other friends, I was expecting it to take a little while to get back into the swing of things. But Andy soon cleared that up, within roughly about 5 minutes we were acting as if I had been in Bristol and had never left, and was the exact welcome that I was looking for, trust Andy and Sha to deliver.

Andy and Sha are getting married in November and I'll be doing everything within my power to get back for it, especially after this weekend. Saima and I were staying with Andy and Sha for the weekend as we would be spending the majority of our time with them it seemed to make sense.

I really appreciated that everyone had made the time to see me, James and Leanne were going to be in Bristol anyway as James was having a fitting for his best man's suit. So it meant that everyone was going to be in the same place. The entire point of this time back was to press reset, see everyone again, re-establish connections with friends and generally enjoy myself. I didn't really care how that happened as long as it did.

So the weekend was spent drinking, laughing, catching up... Drinking etc, hanging out around Bristol, above is a new piece of "graffitti" that has turned up in Bristol, by Banksy a well know Bristol artist, he tends to turn up in some of the most random places and is something of an enigma.

James is putting on sympathy weight whilst Leanne is pregnant.

The best man and the groom to be, hats or no hats?


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