Friday, June 30, 2006

Lobster night just a little messy

Jeff and Jolyne had been talking about about throwing a Lobster dinner, with it apparently being Lobster season here, and Jolyne being a jab hand at murdering these clawed creatures.

With the Ubi lot having the day off, Jeff entertained us with what is now becoming legendary dinner parties, Jolyne was chief Lobster killer, but Jeff isn't as completely innocent as he first appears, he too was capable of causing Lobster genocide. We had been debating all week over whether or not Lobsters felt pain and if they were aware of their surroundings, he seemed to be happy with the theory that they didn't and as I would be joining him in eating them, I thought it best to believe him.

Of course, when you get us all together it's bound to be fun, add some wine and an English favourite of PIMM'S and Lemonade (thanks mum), with all the trimmings i.e. mint, fruit. Paul decided that he would treat us all to one of his improvised songs, I can't remember what he sang but I do remember trying to sing along with him, which can be hard considering that he didn't know what he was going to say next so I had no chance.

Janet and I, on Jeff's balcony, enjoying the none humidity

Paul, Cari and Jeff ready for the carnage

Jolyne doing the robot, whilst the rest of us goad the boiled Lobsters, see she really is a cold hearted killer, she's dancing around her victims!!!!

Jeff has some more pictures I want to post of the night before, as cooking the Lobsters would take time, with the amount we had. Anyway, thanks to Cari and Steve for the above pictures, and thanks to Jeff for all the effort he and Jolyne put in, it sure was a messy night.


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