Tuesday, July 25, 2006

London : Bristol - Zanna

Zanna and I hangin' out at Junction 17. All the cool kids go there.

Whilst driving back from London, with a massive hangover, I get a phonecall. Who should it be but Susannah, from Bristol. I was originally hoping to see her whilst I was in London as she now works for Disney there. But was gutted to find out that she was on a shoot for a childrens tv program in Exeter.

Anyway, I had given up hope of seeing her when just outside of Swindon she calls to say that she is on the M5 and heading in my direction, all I had to do was pull over at a services and we would get our reunion.

So 20 minutes later I pull up in the car park, and just as I switch the engine off I hear a shreek shouting "Kristjan!!!!". A very random meeting, but one that was very welcome although very brief.


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