Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thanksgiving is for the kids.... right?

The magic man has got the attention of Shamus.

Darryl and Stacey invited us round for the American thanksgiving weekend for dinner, turkey and mashed potatoes, the first of I'm sure many turkey dinners. The great thing about Darryl and Stacey's place besides that they are great hosts is that the kids are there, and they seem to love all the attention. Jeff and I were trying to teach Shamus to knuckle up. In the above picture though he seemed to like my impression of the magic man for Talledega Nights.

Fair play to Darryl and Stacey though for entertaining and cooking for all of us, that is no easy task, but they seemed to do it effortlessly. Unfortunately the batteries on my camera ran out before The Wii was set up. But if you're interested take a look over on Steve and Cari's blog for some more pictures.

Mr November? Or is Paul getting ready for a political career?

"Darryl... Where do you want me to put this?"


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