Sunday, November 26, 2006

Tanya's Birthday and Jeff does Shatner

Tanya gets serinaded by the Mariachi's

Birthday season comes to a close for 2006 with Blakes girlfriend Tanya's birthday, where else to go on a cold November night but a Mexican resturant in the old port, complete with Mariachi's, and the textbook shots of tequila. Happy Birthday Tanya.

Is it my turn now?

Realising I still hate doing shots of tequila.

After dinner it was off to a Karaoke bar downtown, I have to admit that when we arrived outside and even once we walked inside it was still hard to work out where we were. It appeared to be hosted in a seedy backroom, so as you can imagine we were all a little dubious. You could say I'm not the biggest fan of Karaoke, but that might have something to do with most bars, you are in front of a crowd of people all trying to live out their pop star fantasies.

But we were shown into a small room in the back of a cafe where we would have the Karaoke machine to ourselves without worrying about being booed off too much. Tanya started things off, and once everyone had loosened up a little the songs began spilling out. I sang Wild Thing, and of course Wonderwall (badly), what ever happened to my angelic voice from my primary school days? (puberty), Blake showed us why white men shouldn't rap by doing his best Vanilla Ice impression. But as soon as Jeff unleashed his Shatner it was all over.

Jeff letting his inner Shatner out, singing Lucy in the Sky


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