Friday, November 17, 2006

Chepstow: Hotel

The Groom and Bestman, Andy's been working on his posing for Photograph's.

With Andy and Sha getting married on the Saturday, and with me knowing what I'm like with time keeping, we headed down to Chepstow on the Friday evening to the venue.

The whole wedding was taking place at a country house so everything was going to be on site. With all the uni lot also there I knew that we would have fun. Even though I saw everyone the last time I was back we still had plenty to talk about, and with me being the last to arrive everyone was already there to great me. Even the Bride had popped down for a quick one (drink) before the big day.

Ben as usual had me in fits, think that I'm an easy target, as is the norm there were plenty of stories about the houses we all used to live in, and plenty of embarrasing stories and insight for Saima into my uni life. Ben attempted to explain his theory on picking the hidden glass, something to do with 75% of the time you'll be right if you swap your first answer... I didn't really get it, it was funny at the time though. But that might of also had something to do with the amount of alcohol that had already been consumed. The picture below was taken whilst Ben was placing the glass (he asked me to look away btw).

Ben trying to explain his swapping theory to me, after a few drinks

James about to reveal the time capsule tin.

In our last year in the house in Newport James took a load of stuff we had lying around and put it in a tin marking in do not open until 2020. Well we couldn't wait, and with all of us being in the same place it seemed like a good enough time, fair enough it had only been 6 years, it was still interesting to see what was in there.

We opened it up and discoved plenty of picture of Andy's face on page 3 girls, basically Andy's face on everything. Some Hypervalue (a cheaper poundstretcher/dollarstore) party leftovers, and some pictures of me with a shaved head, and underwear over my trousers.

Anyway, we all arranged to meet up for a swim and golf the next morning, after all of those drinks, that seemed like a bit of a stretch.


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