Saturday, September 30, 2006

Ubisoft's 20th Birthday in Montreal Pt:1

Ubisoft turns 20 this year, and that of course means time to party, no one was quite sure what was going to happen, but the fact that the party was taking place at a circus school on the north of the island was a sign that this was likely to be an interesting night.

After the annual general meeting (which by the way was a vast improvement on last years tedious affair), we were wisked off to the venue for the party and welcomed in by a fanfare and cheerleaders screaming U..B..I..S..O..F..T, then greeted with various types of nibbles and most importantly a FREE BAR (until midnight), but considering that it was 6pm that's still 6 hours of solid drinking, Gratis!

Entering to a fanfare

Smoke on the dancefloor

Paul, Blake, Jeff, Jack... Realizing their first single soon.

These fella's were going round all night projecting onto wall, and people.

Gaelle getting involved in the music.

It was a really fun night, Ubisoft had been lacking a decent party, and we thought that they had dropped the ball, but all is forgiven, they redeemed themselves with last nights effort admirably, the christmas party should be a doozie.


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