Sunday, September 24, 2006

Jeff's Birthday

Jeff's Birthday time, and with Jeff being a foodie, we had to find somewhere decent, McDonalds however good it is just wouldn't do.

So Jolyne and I found out about a nice little resturant in Little Italy just north of Ubisoft called La Fornarina we had heard nothing but good reviews about this place so it was worth a try. There is also a load more pictures over on Steve and Cari's blog if you fancy a look.

Darryl and I

Lots of this...

... I told you, LOTS of this.

Paul and Jolyne

Stacey and Cari

Jeff having a moment as the party goes on behind him

Steve's either smiling or being aggresive, I can't tell.

Steve and I, not sure why I'm looking so intense, think I was going for gangster, but just came across as angry.


Stacey and Jeff, admiring one of Paul's drawings TM


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