Friday, August 18, 2006

Julie's Birthday

Julie's birthday, and it was off to an Afgan resturant, none of us really knew what Afgan cuisine consisted of, so it would be a suprise for all of us. Karine found a place on Duluth called the Kyber Pass, which turned out to be an amazing find. The bonus being that it was a BYOB, so no over expensive alcohol charges.

Julie didn't know who was coming out but as far as I'm aware she was aware of something happening, about 17 of us overall, see seemed really happy with the turn out. Happy Birthday Julie.

Julie and her flatmate Isabelle, Not sure if Blake knows whats going on.

Some more of Julie's friends

Paul with his massive can of Sapporo

Isabelle and Karine, 2 of the most photogenic girls I think I've ever met (apart from Saima of course)

Karine and Julie after they started their water fight, other people got caught up in the onslaught.


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