Sunday, July 30, 2006

Back in Montreal and off to the beach

Flew back in on Saturday afternoon, after a really smooth and suprisingly short trip home, it was time to focus on being back here again after having such an amazing time back home.

So what better way to enjoy the weather here but to head to the beach in the middle of the race track. It cost $7.50 CAD (£3.53 GBP) to get in and it seems like a strange place to put a beach, but you would be amazed at how little you are reminded of where you are. Of course now I'm older, it was time to build comedy sand castles, no prizes for guessing what the "mature" people built. Jez, Blake and I entered into a who can flip who furthest competition whilst swimming... Jez won.

Jez seemed most comfortable here, apparently they supported his head and his Hulk Hogan tash extremely well.

How can that many cheese puffs fit into someone that small, the bag is almost as big as he is.


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