Thursday, July 27, 2006

Liverpool - Suprising my Nan

As I had been galavanting all around the country visiting friends I hadn't been back to Southport since I left the monday after I arrived. But I knew that it was important to meet up with my nan, and with her visiting the hairdresser my mum decided to hatch a plan for me to suprise her, and pick her up.

She is really frail now and I hadn't wanted to tell her when I had arrived back as I would of had trouble seeing her before I went to Bristol. But with the majority of my trip over, I was winding down and wanted to take my nan to Crosby beach for an ice-cream. The above picture is the moment she recognised me, and in my mind it's priceless.

Whilst there I noticed that there were several bronze statues in the water, from a distance they just look like people looking out to sea. But I soon found out that they are part of a project on the beach by the artist Antony Gormley not sure what they are supposed to mean, if anything, but it seemed like a good photo opportunity.

Saima enjoying the sun in Liverpool, even though she lived in Liverpool for over 7 years, she had never been to this beach.


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