Friday, August 04, 2006

Men in Black

Alex and I after he spent the day beating the living daylights out me.

First week back in work after holiday is usually a bit of a downer, it can take a while to get used to a daily routine again, but this week we were shooting reference material, and obviously I can't say much about it except that hitting a crash mat in many creative ways is actually a lot of fun (if a little bit painful). But it was taking one for the team, and I think it was worth it as we managed to get some great stuff. Note the reflective balls caught by the flash, this is how the cameras see our movement.

The suits are so hard to get on that it wasn't worth taking it off before going to lunch so, I just put on my jeans and walked around the supermarket, that seemed to draw a few choice stare's but it could of also had something to do with the fact the 1st Outgames were in town...


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