Saturday, August 12, 2006

Dinner Party relocated

Look at the lovely fishes.

So we were looking for something cheap to entertain us on Saturday night, and Jeff suggested that we just have a dinner, watch some films and of course drink. That would usually mean that we eat around Jeff's place and we all bring something to the table... A nice cake perhaps?

Only problem was that after all the effort Jeff had gone too with the fish, going to Atwater market to get all the ingredients he fell at the last hurdle when his oven packed up...

So we decided that we would take it to my place, i've never had more than 3 for dinner before so then 6 could of been a push, but we seemed to manage it pretty well. Paul even started knocking out picture of Count Duckula, as well as Dangermouse and other various characters he worked on.

So a couple of bottles of wine, Lisbon turning up, some beer, a bottle of port, some english tea, and some chocolate eclairs later and everyone full. We sat down to watch a film next thing we know everyone's fallen asleep... Saturdays seem a little quieter now I'm a little older now.


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