Sunday, August 27, 2006

Paintballing anyone?

Lock and load... Let's rock!

I love the smell of paint in the morning... Gun's, camo and sand. Our well oiled combat machine was ready to roll over all comers, yeah most of us had only ever practiced on first person shooters at work. But that didn't mean that we weren't ready to mix it up in real life.

Loading the guns

We were using up a voucher from Jeff's birthday last year, and it was due to expire within a couple of days so we were forced to use it, not that any of us were complaining, at this short notice though we managed to get 7 of us: Brian, Ram, Jeff, Myself, Jez, Steve and Darryl. I think we all intended to start off slowly and find our feet. But I knew that, that wouldn't last too long.

Arnold's Paintball is actually a warehouse on the outskirts of Montreal, and with the warzone being inside there would be few places to hide, it was just a matter of time before we would get some decent bruising. On top of that there was a load of semi-pro paintballers looking for some target practice, we were told that they would be the ones with the big guns and no paint on them.

At a cost of $13CAD (£6.18GBP) for 100 balls, it was quite expensive, but worth every penny as the feeling of hitting someone (especially one of the pro's) was a lot of fun. All of a sudden we all felt like combat experts. Ram seemed the most fearless, which saw him during one game throw his gun to Jeff and run gunless to the flag, he managed to capture it before anyone had even noticed.

The winner for the most impressive bruising goes to... Ram


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