Sunday, August 20, 2006

Vic's "Birthday"

Jez wants a kiss of the cheek, Vic has other ideas.

Maddhatter's for drinks on Saturday, Jaggerbomb's and other hi-jinks, even pretend hooligans made a reappearance. We ended up getting there a lot later than we said we would, but that was nothing to do with me... Seriously. I'm getting better at being on time now.

We all knew the reason for this little gathering, but that isn't for me to say on the blog... At least not yet, but it was fun to get everyone together at the dieu and hatters, no frills, no fuss just plenty of drinking and a lot of fun.

Quick... action poses!!!

Kris's action pose was delayed, check out Jolyne's new hair do

No comment is probably best in these cases

Yay for pretend hooligans...

Julie came out, think she drank a little less than the night before.


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