Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween Dinner at Jeff's

*Warning I say Pumpkin a lot in this post

Paul and Jeff... Lennon and McCartney?

Jolyne, Brian and Karine, yeah, she wore the hat most of the night.

Karine's hat was a little more abstract.

We all know how good a cook Jeff is, he knows it as well... Yeah he loves it, but we love it too, so if he wants to show off we are MORE than happy to let him. So tonight he decided to step it up a level, and went all Iron Chef on us. The ingredient for the night? Well it had to be Pumpkin.

With Pumpkin soup for starter, then a salad (with roasted pumpkin seeds), with a Pumpkin risotto for main and then Karine finished it off with a Pumpkin pie. You would think that, that would be Pumpkin overload, but no, we were all full without being completely sick of Pumpkin.

The intention was to have a pumpkin based evening, and it was, except for the pumpkin carving. Paul and Jeff started an impromptu jam session, and I even joined in, the Tesco song being a highlight.

The eyes are blue, but the nose is purple (broken)


At 4:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now that one looks like your blog picture, maybe you were clairvoyant and knew what you would look like by the time you were nearly 30!!!!!


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