Monday, October 30, 2006


Not much has been happening on the blog front of late, that's mainly to do with work and the fact that I've been wanting to save some cash for my 2 trips back to England in 2 month's, which I'm really looking forward too, but I know is going to cost a fortune.

I had a free train ticket that I could use, so I decided to cash it in a take a trip to Ottawa, my friend Michelle had invited me down as she was there seeing family and some people from work, it turns out that her boss was the minister of HR for all of Canada, I didn't actually realise who she was until she told me that her name is Diane Finley, Michelle then explained that it's The Honourable Diane Finley, Cabinet Minister! Now I don't think that I would of mixed in those sort of circles in England.

Ottawa is only about 2 hours away from Montreal, so it's suprising that I haven't been there before, it's a shame that it was raining so much as the sight-seeing was kinda short lived, although . But still had a great time, and I'd definately go back.


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